Lottery Tickets from The Lotter – What is it?

Our company offers online lottery tickets all over the world! On the official The Lotter website, you can buy over 50 different tickets for the biggest lotteries in the world. It can be EuroJackpot, US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and others. You can choose the one you like, buy a ticket and enjoy lotteries peacefully at home!

Lottery tickets you can buy online at The Lotter

lottery tickets you can buy online at the lotter

From the wide range of offered tickets, you can choose the perfect one for you. Here are the biggest lotteries you can buy tickets for.

Italy – SuperEnalotto₹25,5 Billion
Italy – SuperStar₹25,5 Billion
U.S. – Megamillions₹16,5 Billion
Spain – EuroMillions Superdraw₹10,9 Billion
U.S. – Powerball₹3,8 Billion
Spain – EuroMillions₹3,3 Billion
Austria – EuroMillions₹3,3 Billion
Mexico – Melate₹1,8 Billion
Australia – Powerball Loto₹1,6 Billion
France – Loto₹1,3 Billion

Here are the world’s biggest lotteries with the highest jackpots. You can buy tickets online and try your luck!

Can I buy the lottery ticket online from India?

Yes, of course! You can buy an online lottery ticket in India and enjoy it. We offer international lottery tickets online, which means that you can participate from all over the world, everything you need is just an Internet connection! In India, lottery tickets are completely safe to be bought!

How can I buy official lottery tickets online from The Lotter?

Buying a ticket is a very simple process! Before buying your first ticket you will need to complete a few steps, such as registration and verification, adding your deposit, and withdrawal methods.



First, you will need to create an account. Don’t worry, it will not take a lot of time. You will need to create a password, but be careful and choose the strong one! Then you will need to fulfill information about yourself. It will consist of your name, full address, birthday, and phone number.


Payment and withdrawal methods

We offer a wide variety of payment methods so that our users can choose the perfect one for them. To choose your payment method you need to log in to your account, go to the “Payment Details” section, choose the preferred payment method from the list and add it. Then you will be able to make your first deposit and enjoy your lottery tickets!


Choosing the ticket

The last step will be choosing the perfect ticket for you. You can choose from the wide variety of lotteries offered by The Lotter. Find the preferable one and click “Play”. After your order is completed, our staff from local offices will buy lottery tickets from official retailers for you. And after you win, we will immediately send you a notification.

How can I play with standard lottery tickets online?

Playing the online lottery is just the same process as playing offline at a retailer. You can choose numbers by yourself, pick a random number or use a Quick Pick option! After you confirm your purchase of the ticket, we will send you a notification and a copy of your ticket before the draw!

What is a Lottery Syndicate?

On our website you can find a lot of types of syndicates, so let’s figure out how they work and their advantages!

  • Firstly, you can buy more lottery tickets for just a part of the cost.
  • Secondly, you will have better odds of winning the prize.
  • And thirdly, you can share your emotions with other players from your group!

How does it work?

When you start playing the syndicate, you enter a group of players, who pool their money to buy more tickets. Don’t worry, you don’t need to create a group, we will find the other players and create it! When people pool their money together, we select lottery numbers and buy tickets before participating draw. So, everything you need to do is select your favorite syndicate and buy shares. When your syndicate wins, we will send everyone a notification and make sure, that everyone will receive the prize. Depending on what amount of money you have shared with the syndicate, you will receive the proportionate part of the winning!

Lottery tickets in the mobile app

lottery tickets in the mobile app

We also have mobile apps for both platforms – IOS and Android, they are free to download, so everyone can enjoy them! To install them visit the “Mobile apps” section. To download the applications for Android you will have to complete a few steps, here is the instruction.

  1. Due to we don’t have our official app in the Plat Market you will need to install the APK-File. But take into account, that you should download it only for the official website!
  2. If you have a notification about downloading only from trusted sources, you can easily confirm the download, because our app is completely safe and secure for our players!
  3. After the downloading you will need to click the “Install” button, you can also find it in your notification panel! If you have a special message+ about the “unknown source” you can confirm it click “Install”
  4. When you will finish the installation, everything you will need to do is to log in to your account!

After completing these simple steps you will receive access to all The Lotter features on the go! You can do it wherever and whenever you want, everything you need is just an Internet connection. Via our applications you can buy tickets, everything you need is to tap on the “Buy a ticket” button’’, and you will have access to the all available lotteries, you can also select the number of lines or simply tap on the “Quick Pick” button, in this case, your numbers will be generated randomly!

Take into account, that after all the actions above, you will be redirected to the official The Lotter website, to complete the purchase. Your login and numbers will be the same as in the app.

In the app, you can also switch on some special alerts! You can enable Results Alerts so that you will receive a notification on your email every time the lucky numbers are published on our website. You can also set a minimum amount of jackpot to switch on the Jackpot Alerts, in this case, the notification will be sent after the lottery prize reaches the amount you have selected. In addition, you will be able to use our Lottery Results Checker, everything you will need to do is enter your ticket numbers and check if you are a winner!

The Lotter deposit and withdrawal methods 

Our company offers every user a wide range of different payment methods, so everyone can find the most comfortable one and choose it. You can deposit money into your account or buy a ticket online directly. Before that, you will need to complete your registration. After you enter your personal details you will have to choose the preferred payment option from the list. Here are they.

Deposit methods 

Here are payment methods you can use to make deposits in INR.

VisaVisa credit cards are one of the options you can use to deposit INR. It is the most simple way to make a deposit or to buy a ticket directly.
Net BankingVia Net Banking you can deposit money in your account in INR from your home. It is a perfect way to buy a ticket, everything you need is an Internet connection!

You can also buy lottery tickets online in India by using RuPay. It is acceptable for international transactions and they also will be safe and fast!

Withdrawal methods

If you want to withdraw you will be able to do it in the same way, that you have used to make a deposit. But take into account, that you can not withdraw in excess of what you have deposited.

SkrillSkrill is an e-wallet that is used worldwide. To use it you will have to create a free account. Your transaction also can be immediate if you fulfill some conditions.
Net BankingNet Banking is a comfortable way to withdraw for users from India. Take into account that transactions can be made only in INR.
RuPayRupay is one of the biggest and safest e-wallets in India, so it will be a perfect withdrawal method for users from India. All transactions are also can be made only in INR.

If you want you will be able to change your previously selected payment option. To do it you need to visit the “Payment details” section and choose another one from the list. If you want to delete the payment method, you should click on the trash icon near it!

Customer Support & Service

We also have a special team to provide our users with information and answer their questions. Our professional team of Support & Service will help you to solve problems, also if you need answers you can contact them in live chat in a number of languages. You can also send a special request, to do it visit the “Contact Us” section and write an email. You will receive the answer in 24 hours!


Here are some answers to questions, which are frequently asked!

  • Can I purchase just one line?

    Actually, there are some lotteries where you can buy just one line, but to offer a reasonable price for services we provide, we usually require a minimum purchase which is between 2-6 lines.

  • Is The Lotter connected with official lottery organizations?

    The Lotter is a third-party service, which allows you to buy tickets and play lotteries online. We do not run our own lottery and we do not operate under any lottery organization. Via The Lotter, you can fill the gap between you and lotteries. Our local services buy official lottery tickets on your behalf and provide you with the latest news and results!

  • What lottery tickets are offered online in India?

    You can purchase lottery tickets in India online from all over the world. We offer a wide variety of different tickets and lotteries. Actually, you will not find Indian lottery tickets on our website, but you can play other big lotteries. For example, you can buy an American lottery ticket from India, or it can be an Italian lottery ticket, everything is up to you! Our services do not depend on which country our users are from!

  • How does The Lotter make money?

    We actually charge a special fee on each purchase. All winnings and other prizes are completely free of charges and commissions. It means that you will receive 100% of your winning without additional fees for our service. When you purchase a ticket you will see the amount of fee we charge for our service. You can see a ticket price next to the play button!