How to Play The Lottery Online

Our platform is the most popular service for the lottery in India ticket purchases. Buying tickets for the world’s biggest lotteries are available to users from any country, including India. The Lotter has been successfully leading the industry since 2002, and today it is a completely reliable intermediary. It should also be highlighted that our service is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gambling Authority (license: MGA/CRP/402/2017, issued 01/08/2018). That’s why millions of users from all over the world trust us. The team at The Lotter will always provide you with professional support.

Guide how to play The Lottery

Now let’s look at where the game begins on our platform. Of course, the first thing you need to do is register a game account. In this review, we have prepared step-by-step instructions, especially for you. Read it carefully and pay attention to everything that might interest you. 

In order to start playing games and getting money, you need to have an account. It is an elementary process that will not take much time. Follow the procedure for registering an account:

  • Go to the company’s official website in your browser;
  • Enter a current email address;
  • Set a secure password;
  • Refill your game account to start participating in lotteries;
  • At the top of the site screen, click on the “Deposit” button;
  • Enter personal information: full name, last name, date of birth, and address of residence, as well as a cell phone number. An important condition is also the confirmation of the Terms & Conditions of the service;
  • Choose the deposit method you need and make your first deposit.

Please note that if you provide incorrect or irrelevant personal and contact information, you will be denied registration or further withdrawal of funds from the account. 

As The Lotter cares about its customers, we strive to make your game as safe as possible. That is why after you register you will also need to verify your account. The point is that verification helps protect your game account and finances on it. Thus, the fraudsters are in no way able to steal your money or enter your personal account for information. In addition, verification will also be required if you want to withdraw funds from your personal account. The verification team will ask for photos of your ID card to complete this procedure. 

To go through the verification process, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the “My Account” page;
  • At the very bottom you will see “Personal Settings”, click on “Upload Documents”;
  • Provide photos of the documents.

Can I play from India?

You can use our service if you are a player from India. The online lottery market in India is still not that big, so you can’t go wrong if you choose a proven option like The Lotter. Besides, a nice bonus for you will be the fact that our platform supports cash transactions in Indian rupees. This will be very convenient for both depositing and withdrawing money from your account. You don’t have to think about currency conversion rates or additional transfer and withdrawal fees.

How to buy lottery tickets in India?

Buying lottery tickets on the platform is as simple and fast as registering. However, check out our instructions to make sure you understand everything.


Register a player account or log in to an existing one;


From the list of all available lotteries select the one you want to play;


Use the on-screen number selection system to select the numbers you want to use in the game;


Select the number of draws you want to participate in;


Click on the “Checkout” button;


In the payment window that opens, select the payment method you want to use.

As you can see, it’s very easy to buy lottery tickets. Now all you have to do is wait. After that, you’ll know if you’ve won the lottery in India. If you are lucky, you will receive a notification on your account and a special email will be sent to your email address.

How to win the lottery in India?

how to win the lottery in india

There are many tips from various experts and reviews. Each of them will be able to offer their own unique way. In this review, especially for you, we have prepared the most effective methods of winning in Indian lotteries.

Don’t follow the crowd! The first thing you think about when buying a ticket is to find the most common lottery numbers. However, remember that such numbers fall out often. This only means that the winning amount will be divided among all the players who chose these numbers. Thus, you will get quite a bit of money. Is that what you want? If not, then let’s find out how best to proceed.

You need to know about all the trends in choosing lottery numbers. For example, many players choose lottery numbers that correspond to significant dates in their lives. This is simple psychology. That is why numbers from 1 to 31 are the most popular in lotteries.

1, 3, 5, and 7 are chosen by players who believe that these numbers will certainly bring them luck.

6 and 13 are among the most unpopular lottery numbers, as many think they bring bad luck. In India, it is the number 26 that is considered unsuccessful and does not bring victory.

The second digit in popular two-digit numbers most often varies from 1 to 5.

If you are not used to thinking about your decision for a long time and are lost in choosing lottery numbers, then you can trust the random number generator. It will automatically determine a random number for you. However, remember that this does not guarantee you a lottery win. The random number generator is freely available on the Internet in any browser. Using this method, you rely only on your luck.

If you think that intuition never fails you, then use magic numbers. Surely, some of the numbers once brought you luck. Why not trust them when playing the lottery?

Team up with other players in small groups. This way you will be able to purchase a larger number of lottery tickets and if you win the lottery, you will be able to fairly divide the winning amounts among all team members.

And most importantly: play only in a good mood! Any gambling game should be interesting to you and not cause negative emotions. Know that everyone has failures, but you always have the opportunity to get a large sum of money by playing lotteries online.

How do I know about winning the lottery prize?

If you win the lottery, a notification will be sent to your account, and a letter about winning the lottery will be sent to the email address you specified.

The Lotter Deposits and Withdrawal methods

The service offers its users 14 ways to carry out monetary transactions. On our site, users can use the most popular payment methods in India, including bank transfers, as well as transfers by means of electronic wallets.

How to play in Mobile App

Especially for the comfort of users, we have created a multifunctional mobile application that is available for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to buy lottery tickets, views the results, as well as analyze prizes and lottery dates. This is an excellent type of software, characterized by high speed and impeccable interface. You can install it directly on your mobile device.

For Android users, you can download the application by going to the official website of the company. Download the APK file from there, allowing the installation of files from unknown sources in the smartphone settings. Then click on the “Install” button. When the installation process is complete, open the application.

iPhone and iPad users can download the Lotter app from the AppStore. The App opens access to all lotteries on the platform and works on all devices running iOS 11.0 and later.

The lottery service’s mobile application is an improved version of the site. You can play lotteries with only a phone in your hands.

Customer Support & Services

Our support service works for you online around the clock. You can contact it in various ways: via email, using an online chat in the application, or on the website, as well as in WhatsApp. All questions and problems that arise will be resolved as soon as possible.


  • Can I download the app for free?

    Yes, you can install our Mobile App absolutely for free. You will not be required to pay any money for this.

  • Is it necessary to install a mobile application for winning the lottery?

    No, you can also use the website or its mobile version. All types of software are optimized as much as possible.

  • What is the minimum age to play?

    Only persons over the age of 18 can take advantage of our company’s offers.

  • Is the lottery legal in India?

    Yes, the company is licensed and operates officially.