The Lotter App

We can conclude that mobile application is valued much more than the official website due to their ease of use and lots of advantages. If you become a user of our company, you will be able to download our application, which is available both for Android and iOS users. In their development has been invested not a little effort and that is why they are very popular among the inhabitants of India. Download The Lotter app – the best lottery app in India and we assure you that you won’t regret it.

Rating: 4 / 5
Early look at The Lottery app through basic screenshots

The Lotter App for Indian Players

Our company cares about making it as convenient as possible for the users to use our services. That’s why we’ve developed our The Lotter app which has some advantages in comparison with the official site. Of course, we considered our users’ wishes before we started developing the app. We tried to make the app without any drawbacks as much as possible.

In the chart below you can see the features of our mobile app.

FeaturesDetailed description
Notifications functionAbsolutely every user can activate this function. It allows you to get notifications about the results. The results of the lottery could be sent to your e-mail or SMS (text message) to your cell phone number. A jackpot notification function is also available – to activate it you need to choose the minimum amount of the lottery you like the most. When the top prize reaches the desired result you will get free notifications
Check the results of any lotteryYou will have the opportunity to enter the ticket number of your choice. Once you enter it, you will know, of course, if you won or not
Play from anywhereYou can use our services even when you are away from home. This is possible thanks to the mobile application on your phone, which is always with you

The Lotter App Screenshots

To give you an early look at online The Lottery app (before you download it to your device), this header will offer you some basic screenshots of The Lotter app. By looking at them you can get acquainted with the design of the application and the approximate navigation through the application, it is very convenient.

The Lottery app screenshots for design and navigation preview
Early look at The Lottery app through basic screenshots
Visual guide to The Lottery app layout and functionality
Preview The Lottery app interface and browsing flow
Explore The Lottery app design and navigation with screenshots
Get a glimpse of The Lottery app design and navigation with these screenshots

Pros & Cons of The Lotter Mobile App

No doubt The Lottery apps have lots of great advantages, it’s just great, but like any other application even from the most popular lottery company it has some disadvantages, which will be described in detail in this heading in the form of a table, which you can get acquainted with in a few minutes and then decide whether to download our application or not.

Our mobile application has a modern and pleasant interface so that the human eye was pleasant to perceive it. In addition, we offer completely easy navigationUnfortunately the app is not currently available in Hindi, but this will soon be fixed
It is important to note the ease of downloading our mobile app. This is something not seen in every companyRelatively few payment methods
In our app you will have more than 50 different types of lotteries to choose fromWhen you buy a lottery, you will be charged a small processing fee
In the application you can use the live chat feature which is available to every user 24×7

We do our best to have even fewer disadvantages and when our users tell us about our work in a good way it’s even more pleasant to fix them.

The Lotter Mobile Apk for Android

the lotter mobile apk for android

As mentioned above, our company provides an opportunity to download The Lotter app for Android, and to do this you need to take into account some system requirements for its download and the model of your device. As for free memory required to download our mobile application, you will need only 11 MB of free memory on your phone. 

Our application supports many Android devices and we do not offer a specific list of them, but our application is designed so that you will be able to download it even on not the fastest device. This was done so that every user of India could use the services of our company.

Another important question is how you can download our application to your device. Many companies do not have a license or even their application is not possible to download from official platforms, such as Play Market. But our application is different. It is very simple to download and you do not have to deal with it, here is a detailed instruction on how to do it.

Follow these steps for The Lottery app download for Android:

  1. First, pick up your phone and use it to go to the official page of our company. You can do this in any search engine by typing our address into the search box;
  2. Once you arrive at our official page you need to go to the bottom of the main page where there will be two buttons called Android App and download from the App Store. Click on the button Android App;
  3. Do not be scared, as soon as you click on this button you will be redirected to Play Market. Where you will be able to download the application by clicking on the download button.

This is the end of downloading the application for Android and you can start using our services right now. Additional installation of the application is not required, because it is downloaded directly as an application from Play Market.

Now we have finished with the Android lottery app online, let’s move on to the iOS application.

The Lotter Mobile App for iOS

The Lotter Mobile App for iOS

Any user from India can download The Lottery app for iOS. Just like for Android, there are certain system requirements for its installation. The application itself weighs 37.2 MB. Therefore, you will need 37.2 MB of free memory on your device.

There is no specific list of models on which it is possible to install a mobile application.

Now we turn smoothly to the question of how to download our mobile app for iOS users. 

As in the case of Android here, everything is very simple, just follow the steps below for The Lottery app download:

  1. First of all visit our official website. You will need to do this on your cell phone;
  2. After that go to the end of the main page of our company, there will be two buttons. One for downloading the application on Android, and the other for downloading on iOS. Choose the download for iOS;
  3. Once you complete the above steps you will be redirected to the App Store, where you can download our application by pressing the get button. App downloading does not take long and as soon as it is finished you will find the application on your desktop.

No additional installation of the application is required as it is downloaded directly to your desktop from the App Store.

The Lotter App Account Registration and Confirmation

Registration is a very important process that will further on determine your ability to use our services. In simple words when you register you create an account from which you will deposit and withdraw your winnings. To register quickly do the following:


Open our mobile app which is located on your desktop and then go to the my account section where the button for registration will be located. Click on the sign-up button;


Provide your email address, think of a strong password that will be difficult to crack, and specify the country of your residence. Here you can also confirm that you read the privacy policy and click create an account;


This completes the creation of the account and you will be assigned the status of a registered user.

Also in our application, there is such a concept as confirmation. This is needed for example to secure your account against tampering or to receive messages from us to your email. In general, the confirmation does not require any special action and all you have to do is to enter your email address when registering your account.
We would also like to talk a little bit about the design and functionality of our Indian The Lottery app, read about it in the next title.

The Lotter App – Functionality and Design

the lotter app – functionality and design

The Lotter apps were specially designed to be as simple as possible in terms of functionality, this was done so that even new users could understand the navigation. In the upper right corner, you can always enter the name of any lottery in the search line and the app will find you exactly that lottery. In the bottom panel of the application, you will see tabs such as play, where all possible lotteries are located. Next is the results tab where you can view the results of this or that lottery and finally my account tab where you can view information about your account and log out of it.

As for the design, our developers have tried to make it as beautiful and modern as possible. The application is made in white colors, and in the background of bright colors is important information and for example popular lotteries.

How to Update The Lotter Application

It is also important to note that the Indian The Lotter app is being improved all the time. This is done very often and we always consider the wishes of our users. So with every change, there is a new update that you have to install. Follow the steps below to do this:


In the beginning, it depends on the operating system of your phone.

If it is Android then go to Play Market, and if it is iOS then go to the App Store;


Now go to the list of downloaded applications and find there our application.

You will see if there is an update available. If it is available, just click on update and wait for the end of the update.

After downloading the update you can continue to have fun winning our lotteries.

The Lotter Mobile Website

Indian The Lotter mobile website for seamless access

Sometimes there are users who for some reason can’t download our Indian The Lotter app. For example, they don’t have enough free space on their phone. Our mobile version of the official website will be a salvation in this regard.

To open it, just type the address of our company into the search box of any browser. When you go to our mobile version, you will see that all the sites will be adjusted to the frame of your phone. The Mobile version is used as simply as possible. It has a search box and all the important tabs will be available in the menu in the top left corner.

There are no particular system requirements to use the mobile version of the site. It will be available on both new and legacy devices.

The Lotter App Vs Mobile Website

When users find out that they can use both the mobile version of the site and the online The Lottery app India, they wonder why they need to download your application if they can just use the mobile version of the site.

So it’s worth noting that the mobile application will be much more convenient for you to use. Its icon is located immediately on your desktop, you can connect the notifications, which will come to you by email or phone number by SMS.

In addition to this mobile application, you can set additional protection in the form of a confirmation code which will be sent to your email every time you log into the mobile application or you can use the 2-step login process which will also secure your account.

The Lotter Special Offers and Bonuses

To make our users happy and to encourage them the company has developed a system of special offers and bonuses that can be activated by any user. The bonuses we offer give you a lot of useful things that you can use in the future. To view, all the offers and bonuses just go to the menu item and find the tab offers. That’s where all the offers are listed.

In the table below you can find out more about the essence of some special offers.

Special Offers and BonusesDetailed description
Free lottery when you subscribeAnyone can get free lotteries and you need to play lotteries with a subscription to be able to get every seventh lottery for free. To subscribe, select your favorite lottery and click on the red check box below the numbers
Multi-Draw PackageIncrease your activity by playing more games and save up to 25% with the Multi-Draw package
Monthly prize of 82,000 INRSimply play your favorite scratch cards to get a chance to be entered into the draw for this prize. The more games you play, the better chance you have to win
A 10% DiscountYou can enjoy a 10% discount when you buy 2 shares or more for absolutely any weekly or monthly drawings
Halloween BonusYou can get a 15% discount on absolutely any Mega Halloween card

Now you understand that the special offer system is a pretty useful thing.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in The Lotter Apps

To start buying our lotteries and withdrawing your winnings you need to familiarize yourself with the payment methods available in our app. Although there are not many, all of them are familiar to you and hence you can trust them.

Any user from India will be able to use any of the following methods when depositing and withdrawing money.

Deposit MethodsWithdrawal Methods
Visa / MasterCardVisa / MasterCard
Paysafe cardBank Transfer

We do not deny that there may be cases when our users have questions or difficulties. For this case, there is always a support center that you can turn to one of the ways which will be described below.

The Lotter Support

The key to good work for any online company is a customer support center. But this center should not only exist but also should work well, i.e. it should quickly and qualitatively answer the questions of the company’s clients. Our support center is available in 13 languages so you can find exactly the one you want to use.

At the moment, there are the following ways through which you can contact our staff at online The Lottery app India:

  • Via E-mail. To use this method, you just need to go to the mobile application, namely, in the tab My Account. There is a button called help by pressing it you will see a form that must be filled out. In the proposed form, you need to select the topic of the question that interests you and the question itself. If suggested questions we do not have them, you can write them in the line below. Now just press send. Our staff will contact you by sending you a counter-letter after a while;
  • Live Chat. This is a place where you can communicate directly with employees of our company, in a kind of messenger. To open the live chat click on the picture of a text message in the bottom left corner of the application. Usually, a live chat employee will answer within 10 minutes. Sometimes more, it will depend on the number of questions that need to be answered by the company’s employees;
  • As our company also has accounts on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can contact us through them.


  • Can I use the mobile app and the official company website at the same time?

    Unfortunately, you can’t use both online The Lottery app India and the official website at the same time. You can only use the app or the official website. Trying to use both at the same time won’t work.

  • Will the actions I perform using the mobile app show up on the official website?

    Yes, you can use both mobiles The Lottery app, and the account on the official website. In this case, all the activities will be synchronized because Lotter’s account is the same not only on the website but also on Android and iOS applications.

  • How can I get notifications?

    To start receiving free notifications from our company, you need to go to the My Account section and click on the Notifications tab. In this tab, select notifications about results. You can set up which alerts you want to receive and from which lotteries.

  • Are the services in the mobile application the same as on the official site?

    You’re right. You can use the same services on mobile The Lottery app as on the official site. It’s a bunch of lotteries. You can also view the jackpot amount and the time until closing.