The Lotter Affiliates Program

Did you know that you can earn extra income from winning lotteries? You can do that with our affiliate company, The Lotter India, which has been on the market since 2002 and hasn’t let a single client down once. By becoming our client you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be helping us to attract clients and we’ll be paying you for it. Thus it’s profitable for our company and also for your site where you’ll advertise The Lotter company, increasing the popularity of your site.

How to make money with The Lotter affiliate program?

Our affiliate company is the best you may come across on the web, the proof of it is a lot of positive feedback. After becoming our client, you only need to advertise our company’s online lotteries and you can be sure their number is just huge, so you will receive money. But of course, there are certain requirements for people who want to become our partners. To start earning money right now you have to fulfill the following conditions:


Of course, you have to go through the registration process to become our partner. To do this, go to our official website and find a quick link called an affiliate program. Once you click it, you will be prompted to register by entering some data about yourself;


To promote our site you must of course have a platform for promotion in the form of a site where you will insert your referral link and advertise our company;


To start earning you need to come up with relevant advertising. In this, you will help a promotion manager who will be assigned to each partner. You can consult with him as much as you want and he will always be glad to see you;


Once your advertisement is ready you will receive an individual referral link, which also needs to be placed on your site for promotion. Users on your site will attract colorful advertising and therefore they will go to the referral link. Each transition of a new client will be recorded and based on the monthly statistics, you will make a profit in the form of commissions. The size of your payouts will depend on the turnover of your clients and their activity, so everything is in your hands.

Now find out why you should choose our affiliate program.

Why should I join The Lotter Affiliates?

If you stumbled upon this article and can’t decide whether or not to partner with us, we can help you. The first thing to pay attention to when making such a difficult choice is the fact that our affiliate company has been operating since as far back as 2002. If our affiliate company had not been successful or even if it was a fake, it simply would not be able existed for such a long time.

Also before you choose, you should think about what you’ll get when you become our partner. There are just a bunch of positive aspects. Every month you will receive a commission of 15% of the income from the invited customers. It is important to note that this is a decent amount of commission among our competitors who also provide services for online lotteries. 

In addition to profits from the affiliate company, you also increase the turnover on your site, where advertising The Lotter takes place. It can be a site of any orientation, but the main thing is that you will attract clients to your site. So you will be helped to monetize your site by giving profits through Revenue Share, CPA, or individual hybrid payments.

In addition, by becoming our client, you will have just a huge help from managers regarding advertising ideas and how to implement them. That is, even if you are not well versed in the field of promotion of sites in a month you will get into the process and start earning good money.

How do I choose banners and upload them to my website?

Of course, to place ads you need certain banners and our company will help you with that. As it was mentioned above, each of our clients will have a promotion manager and you will have access to our affiliate panel. There you can see your monthly reports and get individual links for your website.

In addition to monthly reports and the ability to view the activities of your invited players, you will have access to a massive library of banners in 14 languages, using all of this for free.

To replace a banner you need to contact your manager and he will help you with their download and installation on your site to promote.

Can I request a special marketing tool for my site?

In addition to banners in our affiliate toolbar, you can choose any video advertising, widget, or pop-up window. But there are cases when our clients do not like the proposed banners or video ads.

In that case, you can always create your banner or video ad beforehand, coordinating it with the manager. Maybe from your point of view, the promotion model you offer will be more attractive, it is not forbidden, the most important thing is that the visitors will be interested in reading this advertisement.

Is there a fee to join The Lotter Affiliates?

The most common question we hear from our customers is whether they have to pay to become The Lotter affiliate. The answer is – any user can become our affiliate for free just by registering and having a personal website to promote themselves.

The only thing you have to do is to put the effort into promoting our website because your profit will depend on the quality of your work.

Excellent tools, Unmatched Support

As it was mentioned above our company offers the most advanced banners and tools for the promotion of The Lotter. Just imagine they are available in 14 languages, you can hardly find anything like that.

Naturally, each of our clients has many questions and sometimes problems, in which case you can contact your assigned promotion manager in the following ways presented in the table below.

A way to contact the managerHow to do it
Live ChatThis is probably the fastest way to get help. It is usually used because of its simplicity and speed of response when you urgently need an answer to your question. Live chat is an ordinary instant messenger where you communicate with your manager. To open it, just click on the tab called live chat on the right side of your computer on the official website
EmailThere is also the possibility to contact the manager via email by sending a letter with the question you are interested in the following address – [email protected]. If you use this method, you will have to wait a little longer. Everything will depend on the flow of clients

But the support center of our company employees is not the only way to get help, you can also always turn to frequently asked questions, where you can also find an answer to your question. Here are some popular questions about our affiliate program.


  • Can I trust The Lotter India Affiliate Program?

    Of course, any user can be suspicious about trust in our company. But all doubts disappear when you find out that our company has an official license and experience in the service market since 2002.

  • Can I view reports and client flow from my website?

    Our affiliate panel is available to all of our partners free of charge. This panel will collect various reports, all of which you can view and analyze. In addition, you can monitor the traffic of customers who came to our site through your referral link.

  • What’s the best way to start after I became your partner?

    Once you have become our The Lotter partner you need to decide on the advertising you will use to promote our company. After that, you need to get an individual referral link. Then put it all on your website and wait for the influx of new users.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    Our company offers several payment methods at the moment. We can pay you commission through Neteller, PayPal, or Bank Transfer.

  • Where can I find the registration form and how to complete it?

    For a start, go to our official website, after you click on a quick link called affiliate program you will be asked to register. Once you enter certain data and our staff will check it, you will be assigned the status of our partner and will be able to use a special affiliate panel.