The Lotter – Who We Are?

There are undoubtedly many ways to make money on the Internet at the moment and our company The Lotter India is a completely new level of income thanks to which you can make your cherished dream come true. Our platform was created by Lotto Direct Limited which was registered in Malta back in 2002. 

Of course at the very beginning, the user and winnings turnover was poor but now our company is in a leading position in the online lottery industry. We have developed our applications for Android and iOS as well as a good reputation and it all comes from our excellent customer service and support center that is available to each user 24/7.

Becoming our user you will be available for more than 50 different types of lotteries. Whether you will win or not will depend on your luck and there is no definite pattern. The main thing is to believe in yourself and not give up!

Of course, our company The Lotter is completely legal, which means you can trust it with your personal and banking information. Proof of this is a license from the Malta Gambling Authority.

Play the Biggest Lotteries

We’re sure that any of our users will not be bored because after creating an account he will be offered a choice of 50+ different online lotteries. If you are looking for a particular lottery then you can type its name into the search box and our official site will help you find it.

On our site, you will find the following most popular types of lotteries.

Lottery NameHer Characteristics
Mega MillionsMega Million is an American lottery, but that doesn’t mean that only Americans can play it. Mega Millions of jackpots can reach up to 8,245,250,000.00 INR. These draws are usually held twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Lotto tickets can be purchased online from almost anywhere in the world
PowerballIs also a popular American lottery with huge winnings. All you have to do is pick five numbers between 1 and 69 and a separate mega-ball number between 1 and 26. You are just lucky if all six numbers match
EuroMillionsAlso one of our most popular lotteries. After you purchase this lottery online, you must select 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and two lucky numbers between 1 and 12. Then just wait for the drawing

That’s not all of our lotteries, of course, you can also play local and daily lotteries.
Now let’s take a closer look at how everything works on The Lotter’s official website.

How it Works

The developers of our official site tried their best in its creation. This can be confirmed by the simple navigation, and to buy any lottery you just need to perform a few simple actions. To buy any lottery do the following:


First, of course, create an account by going through the registration process. It is completely free of charge;


Select the lottery game you want to play, read its rules and select the specific lottery numbers. Then click order;


Immediately after that one of our staff will be notified and will purchase the ticket for your money and on your behalf;


You will be able to check your purchased tickets in your account, and if your ticket is successful, you will be notified by our staff;


Immediately thereafter you will be paid your winnings.

It’s as simple as that, all you need to do is have the desire and the will to win.

Our Business Model

Many people ask whether there is any commission for the payment of your winnings. The answer is of course not, you will get the full amount of your winnings without any commission. That is the income that our company receives is the money you transfer to our account when you buy lotteries. This is what our business model is all about.

Our Track Record

The Lotter has achieved a lot, from a company with a small and unknown audience to a giant among lottery companies that offer online lottery services.

The success of our company is confirmed by the number of registered users and the report on winnings. For example, in 2016 we registered the largest winnings since the existence of our company.

Also by visiting our official website you can see the top users who received the biggest winnings.

Simple and Secure

Of course, we understand situations when users have suspicions about the legality and reality of our company, but we assure you that you can safely use our services and are not afraid of losing money or leaking personal information.

All this is confirmed by:

  • The presence of an official license;
  • All our transactions will be protected by GeoTrust. It is a company that issues SSL certificates for secure data exchange with our website;
  • Each user, after purchasing the lottery, will have a scanned copy, so he can confirm that it belongs to him;
  • In case of any problem, our staff is always there to help you.


  • How much can I earn from playing The Lotter India?

    It’s difficult to answer exactly, but if you have a look at our winner’s statistics you can see that we have paid out prizes of 8,245,250,000.00 INR to over 5 million players since we founded the company. To be more specific, the maximum winnings will depend on the lottery you choose.

  • The Lotter India is a legitimate company or a scam?

    Of course, our company is completely legal and we pay out the prizes every day. You only need to look at the number of positive reviews about our company to be convinced of that.

  • Are your services available in all countries?

    Unfortunately, some countries are not included in the list of countries we provide services. For a detailed list of countries whose citizens can not use our services, please contact our support center.